The new brand created by Monicol in order to extend our new products to the local and international market.

 offers you a new kind of snack, a healthful one. Perfectly attuned to the hectic routines and on the go eating habits of today's busy families, apple chips meet the quest for a tasty yet healthy snack alternative. No fat, no sugar, no cholesterol and great taste combine to make Apple Chips the preferred choice among health conscious individuals.

We use only the freshest, most crispy Moldavian Apples and in the production process we don't use oil or other ingredients but only heat air which insures our apple chips have no cholesterol or trans fatty acids. While this process cost more, it insures we have the healthiest and tastiest apple chips available.

These apple chips are cut thicker than most other apple chips you've seen. They are crisp but had a soft crunch. The taste is intensely apple-like, definitely on the sweet side, but since there is no sugar, at least you can eat them knowing that the sweetness is all apple. So meet your family's need to snack with a healthy and delicious alternative - buy Monicol Apple Chips