Dried plums

Prunes are produced from the following sorts of plums: Ana Spet and Stanley. We propose the following types of dried prunes:

Prunes without pits - "Type A" - Ashlock: The number of cuts is limited to two.

Prunes without pits - "Type E" - Elliot: The number of cuts is not limited. This type has the flat form.

Prunes of each class have the next characteristics:

  • prepared from physiologically ripe fruits,
  • fleshy, elastic and pliable,
  • covered with a wrinkled skin,
  • clean and free from foreign matter,
  • with a flavor and color specific to prunes.

We provide prunes with the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Origin, Form "A" 
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Certificate of Conformity